Alonso looking for a breakout race at Spa?

As if watching Alonso take Eau Rouge at full tilt wasn’t fun enough, Alonso hints that McLaren could be a  contender this weekend.

We’re seeing good correlation between the data back at base and in the car on track, so I hope we can continue our momentum and get the maximum out of the weekend. – Fernando Alonso

Considering Fernando is normally cool on McLaren’s chances of success his comments are notably upbeat. Although McLaren has been lackluster in the last couple of seasons, they have shown great improvement so far this year and Spa might be the stage for the comeback. Historically they hold the second-most race wins at Spa, trailing only Ferrari. Also take into account that he and teammate Jenson have also been known to pull a few rabbits out of hats at Spa, and McLaren might show us some fireworks this weekend.

Haas drivers are amped up to drive at Spa

Our American friends at Haas F1 are getting ready for their first run at Spa, while the drivers are both spent some time there. After winning his GP2 title there in 2011, Romain Grosjean love the twist and turns of this driver’s track.

It’s just a great track. There are very high-speed corners and there are a lot of turns, different types, some high speed, some low – just a good variety overall. It gives you a good feeling to drive – Romain Grosjean

No rain in Forecast at Spa-Francorchamps this weekend

Don’t count your chickens though, the weather forecast at Spa has been notoriously dicey of the years.

What the drivers have been up to on their break.

Lewis spent his time visiting family in the carribean, cheering Team Great Britain in Rio, and the rest of his time posing for photographs for his Twitter feed. Does he have his own photographer?


Kimi Raikonnen wins the “What I did this Summer competition”. He married a model.

Nico Rosberg played with Dogs


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