Alex Rossi looking at F1 and Indycar rides for 2017

2016 has been a year of ups and downs for Alex Rossi. After living the F1 dream with Manor for 5 races last season, he found himself on the outside looking in when Rio Haryanto took his seat at Manor with a boatload of money. Looking to stay active while that situation sorted itself out, Alex signed a single-year deal to race in Indycar with Andretti-Herta racing . This would prove to be more than just a side trip for his career, as we would unexpectedly win the crown jewel of Indycar – the Indy 500. Suddenly he has become a wanted asset on both sides of the pond, and he is examining his options. In addition to Manor, he references one other team as a possibility:

There have been talks with Manor for a race seat and we’ve also been approached by another F1 team that’s quite interesting.” – Alex Rossi

So who do we think this mystery team is? Alex Rossi in a Haas?

Alonso identifies 2 cars that can win championships, and he’s in one of them

Fernando Alonso is undoubtedly tired of getting asked if he regrets leaving Ferrari, only to see Vettel lead their resurgence in the last 2 seasons. However, he has insisted the entire time that while Ferrari will come close, they would not win him a championship. In 5 seasons with Ferrari, he finished 2nd in the Championship THREE TIMES, but never the title. Can we stop asking him about Ferrari?

Well, this guys did and Alonso’s response was simple – Aside from Mercedes, McLaren Honda is the place to be. He snubs not only Ferrari but Red Bull as well, who has seen a huge resurgence this season in closing the gap to Ferrari.

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