Formula One Strategy group kicks “Halo” down the road until 2018. And we all sigh a breath of relief.

Max Verstappen compares himself to Senna and Prost. In defense of his defensive driving against Kimi on sunday, Max may be stretching this comparison a bit. Win a couple championships first and you can start name dropping.

“That’s how I approach it, we are here to fight and there to score points. Senna and Prost would have liked it as well.” – Max Verstappen

Haas F1 has their sights set on McLaren before the august break. After a disappointing race in Hungary, Guenther Steiner is looking to pick up a few points and put themselves in a prime position before the second half of the season. While finishing ahead of McLaren would be tremendous for Haas, it would result in McLaren being beaten by a rookie team in their second year of their once promising partnership with Honda.

“We would like to go into the summer shutdown one position higher than we are now in the championship. I think it’s always good that the last race, whether it’s before the summer shutdown or the next season, that you end up on a bit of a high, because then everybody relaxes and nobody is too worried. If we can get out of Germany with a few points, that would be fantastic for everybody.” – Guenther Steiner

Scott Speed, former American F1 driver, is building a video game.

Remember when Nelson Piquet went crazy on Elisio Salazar at Hockenheim? Formula One shares some great moments ahead of the German Grand Prix–piquet_s-punch-and-10-other-unforgettable-hockenheim-mome.html

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